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--- Vision ---

Helping Others, Beyond Borders

If you only rely on money or resources to run your company, everyone might refuse to help you.
By caring for others, actively listening, and offering assistance, you create an environment where people are more likely to reciprocate and help you when you need it.

Helping others is not as difficult as you think. Simply reach out to people you wish to meet, ask about their interests or concerns, and collaborate with them to find solutions.

Don't draw borders between yourself and others. You are in the same place as everyone else. You can stand next to others. Whether or not you will get an opportunity in this community, it depends on you. Let's consider the needs of others. When you do, they will also think about you.

"Helping others, beyond borders" is our philosophy.

--- Mission ---

BAP bridges the GAP

Don't try to run your business alone. There are many people you might need. Let's do it together! Succeed together!


What happens in the monthly virtual meetups?

INTERACTIVE breakout sessions

Introduce yourself and your company to others. exchange ideas, learn from industry leaders, and gain valuable insights

business card exchange system

Connect and expand your network effortlessly through our user-friendly business card exchange system. Stay connected and open doors for future collaborations.

business presentations

Share your success stories, innovative strategies, and industry insights with an attentive audience, garnering recognition and inspiring others.

keynote speakers

Prepare to be inspired by influential keynote speakers who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Are you a Business Owner looking to grow your business?
Here's your chance to shine and showcase your business.

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---Monthly meeting agenda---

90 mins 10 mins Get-To-Know Each Other
10 mins Share a Business Story
20 mins Discussion Sharing
20 mins Group Sharing
10 mins Keynote Speaker
10 mins Business Presentation
10 mins Business Card Exchange

Terms and Conditions for the meeting

1. Demonstrate mutual respect towards one another.

2. It is imperative to attentively listen to the views of others before expressing your own.

3. Acknowledge and appreciate cultural differences without negating them.

4. In the event of discomfort stemming from cultural differences, express it to the other person and work towards enhancing mutual understanding.

5. Each business is accountable for its actions. This community does not provide any guarantee.

Member Types

Visitor Who made an account of the BAP system and registered for a meeting
Member Who joined a meeting
Sponsor Who paid a sponsorship fee

Founder of BAP


Life Mission
Become an investor who nurtures managers
CEO of Soshikikaikaku Co. Ltd.,
Tokyo, Japan

Manager of BAP


Life Mission
Craft Persuasive Words. Build Connections.
Email Copywriter & Content Writer
Dumaguete, Philippines

Japan Region Leader

Katsura "Katy" Aoyama

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